ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies

With regard to teaching, research and public science, ZAK’s work is both interdisciplinary and intercultural.

Voller Hörsaal mit StudierendenThe three activity fields of ZAK are: applied cultural studies in research and teaching; Studium Generale, which spans various disciplines; and the InsideScience programme. ZAK’s work consists of assisting students from all of KIT’s departments to obtain additional qualifications, to promote their transdisciplinary expertise, and to improve their intercultural communicational skills. In addition to this, incorporating the general public into scientific teaching and research is a particular concern of ours. The events organized within the framework of InsideScience aim at fostering a dialogue between KIT and the broader public. In this regard, ZAK also considers one of its responsibilities to be the fostering of public participation in scientific research findings.

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