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The InsideScience “Robotics” Film Contest


Science fiction today, tomorrow already a reality. Humanoid machines could soon play an important role in our everyday lives. But how will robots and humans live together in the future? And what advantages and disadvantages will arise from this ever-closer relationship between man and machine? InsideScience invites high school students from anywhere in Baden-Württemberg to film their thoughts on this subject.

To drum up enthusiasm for scientific topics among young people, InsideScience, in cooperation with the “Collaborative Research Project TR9—Theoretical Particle Physics,” launched a pilot project in 2011 in which high school students received professional guidance to produce films about particle physics.

InsideScience, together with the Collaborative Research Project 588—Humanoid Robots, is now launching a second film contest for schools in Baden-Württemberg. The contest is intended for working groups at schools that would like to use films to engage with scientific and social issues related to robotics.

The six best submissions will receive guided tours by robotics experts through KIT’s Institute for Anthropomatics. The winners will get to choose between a Lego Mindstorms building set or 300 euros as their reward.

Applications will be accepted until April 30 at InsideScience∂

Further Information (PDF, 17 kb)