InsideScience – Public Science in Collaborative Research Projects

InsideScience means Teamwork

The InsideScience project is a joint venture among four partners who have a broad range of experience, and who therefore all contribute to the success of InsideScience.
Teilnehmer am Tisch


Das ganze Team beim Workshop


Im Projekt treffen folgende Partner aufeinander:


  • SFB 588 „Humanoid robots – Learning and cooperating multimodal robots“
  • SFB TR9 „Computational Particle Physics“
  • ZAK | Centre for Cultural and General Studies
  • The Public Relations and Marketing Department (PKM) at KIT


The scientists from the collaborative research projects (SFB) work on the preparation and adaptation of the content. They are significantly involved in the conception of the films and in setting the priorities for the films. ZAK lends its years of experience in the realm of public science to the InsideScience project, and is in charge of organizational coordination and content-related coordination. This includes both advising the two collaborative research projects (SFBs) and organizing the media training sessions. The editorial office of the PKM contributes its expertise in conveying scientific content. It coordinates film production and is also responsible for distributing the videos.


Scientific coordinatior of the project: Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha